A downloadable game for Windows

Wanted to get much more done. I'll update you all with a superior version to this when it's ready. So stay tuned!

Also, messed up with auto-anti-aliasing  with the initial version. So I updated it with a newer one. If you want to play the blurry version, hit the Blurry.zip download below instead of the normal download.

Note: Keyboard controls are made to match the button layout of the old cell phone.


  • Start / Pause: C
  • Movement: W,E,S,D
  • Front Slash: Q
  • Back Stab: A
  • Cancel: Z
  • Nothing: X

- RIGHT CONTROLS (Numpad Only) -

  • Start / Pause: period " . "
  • Movement: 5,6,2,3
  • Front Slash: 1
  • Back Stab: 4
  • Cancel: asterisk " * "
  • Nothing: 0

Install instructions

Download it and extract. Click the .exe that isn't Unity Crash Handler.


Unblooded Nokia 3310 Updated.zip 18 MB
Blurry.zip 21 MB

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